We are passioned professional people, always looking for new ways to make your business grow.

Over the years, the range of the services we offer has widened as more and more exposure over the years led to more and more possibilities to integrate our abilities to offer a holistic service-set. The services we offer today enable our clients to seamlessly integrate one vision into technology, design, and language for enhanced business benefit.
Our core services can be classified under the following heads:

International Business Promotion

At the end of the day, it is an accepted fact that profitability is all about your business model and the overall efficiency of your setup. we have been fortunate to have worked with numerous organizations helping them fine-tune their International business strategy and streamline their internal operations, leading to better export their services and products, leading, in turn, to enhanced sales and overall profitability.
As a business consultant, we offer the following services geared to help you get the best out of your setup:

  • International Business Strategy
  • Marketing in foreign countries
  • International Operational trade
  • Product Compliance and Logistics
  • Customer Service, Post Sales
  • Product Lifecycle, Pricing and Positioning
  • Market oriented Product Development and Competition
International Business Strategy

An effective high-level International business strategy has typically been seen to be the secret behind the success of most companies that have done well. Typically, every company has an avowed long-term vision, which is organized into smaller time-bound missions. Your International business strategy is your company´s chosen path towards these missions, Understanding your potential customers and Markets differences abroad are critical for success.
Working closely with your core management, we study, capture, and identify your existing International business strategy. We engage your management team in sessions dedicated to analyze and ensure proper implementation. Typically, these sessions help you find the gaps (if any) within your business strategy, and help your team arrive at a better understanding of the manner in which your core strategy has translated into processes and procedures on the work floor, making sure you are ready to go abroad.
By the time existing core strategies, processes, and procedures are captured, your core management will be ready to engage in discussions leading to a reevaluation and enhancement of your business strategies. This will, in turn cascade as evolved processes and procedures within your organization. The net result of this exercise will be enhanced integration across the various teams within your organization and a greater clarity in terms of where your organization needs to go and what it needs to do to get there, in terms for you to be successful in exporting your products or services abroad.
With enhanced processes and procedures captured and documented, your team will be in a position to chalk out steady plans for training and materials creation for identified departments within your organization.
As newer and newer needs emerge, your organization will be ready to evolve to the next level of operational efficiency and will be ready to handle emerging requirements as you grow in the International Markets.

Technology Consulting

Apart from streamlined processes and procedures, operationalizing an International business vision also requires measured investment in technology in terms of both off-the-shelf and custom-built applications. Over the past years, we have worked with numerous companies, helping them identify their technology-related requirements, offering guidance towards choosing the right product to suit their current and future requirements, upon understanding specific Market needs and adapting, creating and customizing their own existing technology to minimize the investment and costs associated to it.

Product / Service Sales Lifecycle

we have worked with a variety of Production-driven organizations, helping them plan and implement International sales strategies for their existing products / services. For obvious reasons, the lifecycles associated with selling a product and a service abroad are rather different from country to country due to a range of cultural and social factors that need to be taken into account for an effective sales strategy for different stages of a product or services for customers depending on were they are from.
I offer the following services under the head of Product / Service Sales Lifecycle:
  • Product Introduction and Merketing Positioning
  • Product Price and Lifecycle Strategization
  • Product Customer Service Training and Post Sale
  • Product Service Sales Growth Management and Lifecycle
  • Product Development, Evolution and Differentiation
Application Management

With time and evolving technology and business requirements, your in-house software and technology could quicly turn into a liability unless it is properly managed and updated. As a technology professional with a proven track record in application management and feature enhancement, we can ensure that your company keeps pace with your evolving Product requirements, and Market needs. Under the Application Management umbrella, we also offer and provide variety of services such as advice on product upgrades, new market applications, and competition monitoring.

Project Management

For reasons of both security and urgency, organizations are often wary of offloading complete application development or management tasks offsite. For such companies, having an experienced and dependable source of management consulting can be optimal. Your know-How stays on your premises and is handled by your own experienced people or consultants who work side to side, and the project and team is managed by a capable and experienced manager. Leveraging a combination of onsite and remote monitoring and systematized planning, we can help you reduce outsourcing for application development and therefore reducing management costs by offering dependable project management services. We have experience of executing a number of projects for clients of various sizes and requirements, cosidering the differences between etnics groups, we have the ability to simplify your communication needs without your incurring unnecessary expenditure on these counts.

Communication Consulting

In a world where image is everything, the quality of your web exposure and marketing can seriously impact your positioning, your visibility, and your success as an business entity. we offer a range of communication consulting services that are designed to help you take your organization to the leadership levels it deserves.
My Communication Consulting services comprise the following major heads:
  • Advanced Audio Visual Media Marketing Communication
  • Advanced IT Communication and Constant Monitoring of Pubblications
Marketing Communication

From product positioning and branding to SEO, web site content and brochures case studies and whitepapers that enable you to position and present your business on the global stage, we can offer you the entire range of marketing services your business needs. Marketing, like the other aspects of business, depends heavily on the overall vision and business strategy that drives your organization. Our Team can help you transform your business strategy into key points that can then be leveraged onto your core businesses, offering a cogent vision of what your company, your product, and your brand stands for.
Under the Marketing Communications umbrella, I offer the following services:
  • Product Positioning & Competition Analysis
  • SEO-driven Web Content Creation
  • Brochure & Case Studies
  • Social Media Integration
Technical Communication

Technical Communication is a term that is rather losely used, and refers almost slightingly to a range of documents that describe various aspects of the product or service that you sell. As a matter of fact, technical documentation is as much a need-to-have for your business as the product or service itself. As a group with years of experience in both business and technology, we understand. Usable design notwithstanding, customers simply hate buying into a product or service until they are offered an accompanying document explaining how to get the best out of their purchase.

Design Consulting

Communication today is no longer just a verbal affair; streamlined design, videos and animation are as much a necessity today as quality content. No wonder companies across the world are investing millions on an annual basis, creating better design, videos and animation, to enhance user experience in order to motivate themselves and then to their clients.
As experienced designer in the usage development of multimedia for business, we can help you build an identity, a brand, that endures, and enable you to position your business as one of the front-runners in your chosen area of excellence.

Web Design & Branding

Starting off with helping you create an International identity for your company and products or services, we can help you leverage your new identity to create a consistent set of materials to offer your customer a unique experience that is truly world class. Based out of your high-level corporate vision and time-bound business strategy, we ensure that your logo and design elements are in sync with the rest of your business communication offering a powerful combined message to all existing and prospective clients.
With a well-designed web presence, site functioning as your online front-end, you can rest assured that users  are impressed with your offerings, and products significantly raising your chances of having converted another prospect. As part of the branding exercise, we can also help you create flash advertisements that can be either posted on your sites, or on your partners, leading to greater exposure for your organization and business.

Web Design & Branding Consulting Services Include:
  • Identity Design Evaluation
  • Brand Management Evalutaion
  • Comms & Accessory Design
  • Web Site Design and Maintenance
  • Flash Animation for Adverts / Visiting Cards
User Interface Design and Online Sales

They say a well-designed application never needs a help file. we can help you get there! Your investment in technology and functionality notwithstanding, one of the first -- and most enduring -- things that your client will experience is the actual look & feel of your product and services. If your UI fails to impress in terms of sheer usability and look & feel, the client can find  more and more cumbersome, and may even consider stopping buying your product or service altogether well explained?. Does the interface look inviting? Is the functionality of the Shopping cart Dummy proof? Are the Shopping Cart button big enought or easy to find on your screen ? Are your product pictures details visible? All of the above and many others can determine a succesfull sale online.
I can help you create UI for your product such that customer delight is guaranteed and sales assured. With continued usage and growing comfort over time, a well-designed user interface can actually help you retain clients as effectively as the best functionality or product support you may offer.

Process Consulting

Different organizations operate differently, and one of the main reasons for this is that their goals are different, as is their overall business strategy. Also a proven process might not work on a different country. Our International Knowledge based Process Consulting service offering aims to help you translate your business vision and strategy into viable policies, operational processes, and on-the-floor procedures. With every aspect of your operations optimally architected, designed, documented and monitored, you can rest assured that the overall on-the-floor efficiency within your organization shall see a significant improvement, always tailored to specific International Realities, and more specific into the country we want to sell to.
With continual process improvement initiatives like training and KPI reformulations, you save more and more in terms of both time and money while evolving into a more stable, more integrated organization. Integrated operations, in turn, leads to better service delivery, leading to greater customer satisfaction and enhanced profitability.
We combine state-of-the-art tools, Experience and know-How, techniques and operational metrics to offer you rapid process-driven efficiency at minimal rates, helping you quickly achieve ROI and scale your organizational capabilities to deliver more products and services abroad using the same teams efforts reducing costs and increasing overall turnover.


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